Dwarfs: Digging and Tapping – Now Free To Play!

If you have been following The Yogscast for years like I have, then you might remember the game Dwarfs. It is a game that Simon from The Yogcast was asked to do a a character voice for. If you go through the tutorial, you can hear Simon’s voice acting as his dwarf character teaches you the ins and outs of the game.

Well, the game Dwarfs recently became free to play on Steam.

The graphics are pretty fun! They are bright, colorful and stylized. Simon’s dwarf character in the tutorial is a fun red-bearded dwarf who loves gold and occasionally sleeps too much (especially after a night of celebratory drinking!). Tutorial Dwarf makes the tutorial go by quickly and entertainingly. He even gives yognuts a little something extra amusing by sounding like their favorite dwarf.

Dwarfs love digging holes (and drinking ale) but this game is not just about digging for rare treasures. No. There are enemies hidden in the dark underground caves. Goblins are hiding and waiting for little diggy dwarfs so there is an element of battle and strategy to this game. You will want to train enough fighter dwarfs to defend your town and diggers from goblin warriors and shaman.

Besides the dangers of enemy goblins, you will have to watch out for caves full of water or lava too. Not all of the caves are visible so you risk digging straight into lava if you decide to take the risk and “tap” open the dark caves.

The game-play itself is pretty simple. You are in charge of a group of dwarfs and must dig for treasure and minerals. That’s pretty much it. There is not deep story line but the game is a fun way to kill some time if you are bored. Did I mention that it is free to play? You can’t beat a free and entertaining time waster!

So, if you are a fan of Simon, the Yogscast, digging in minecraft or just dwarfs in general, you might want to download Dwarfs and give it a shot!

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