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If you enjoying playing golf either for leisure or business purposes, then you many want to look at investing in an indoor golf simulator. This simulator allows you to practice those Tiger Woods swings in the comfort of your own home, no so more laughing friends or berating colleagues, hey, you may even win a bet or 2! There other great plus side to using a simulator is it’s all weather! Yes, no more rainy days on the golf course, of course, don’t let this make you lazy and miss out on a gorgeous day swinging on the golf course.

The simulators are designed to fit well inside most normal sized room, you could fit one in the corner of one larger sized den, or possible fit out your own golfing room. When using a golf simulator it allows you to make use of your own set of clubs and balls, which is great for toning that swing and improving other aspects of the game, as it keeps everything in natural balance for you, meaning you can transfer those new found home skills to the course and maybe win a bet or 2! A large amount of the versions of golf simulators allow you to change courses efficiently meaning you can be playing on Saint Andrews after breakfast or the world famous golf course at Sun City which has crocodiles on the course! Of course we haven’t mentioned the cost savings with a simulator, you can set up a basic package just using a home pc, projector and screen! So give it a try, who knows it could be you on Tv at the next masters championship, so have some fun today with your new golf simulator

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