Buy heroes of the storm beta key

Are you tired of playing the same game over and over? Perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge for you and your friends but have been searching online to no avail. Well we have news for you, there is a hot new game out on the market called Heroes of the storm.  It’s a newly launched multiplayer game which has been developed by the world famous blizzard entertainment, when these guys code, you know the games are good!

The game draws from heroes from multiple of their past great titles such as warcraft and Starcraft to name but a few and is set in the ‘Nexus’. Thankfully blizzard have setup both free to play and freemium models for the game and used in game micro payments to advance through the game.  It’s a multiplayer platform game with the premise being a 5 on 5 gameplay match. You have an option of game modes to select such as playing against machines or humans such as groups of friends and other gaming clans. Heroes of the storm is currently in Beta mode but don’t worry  this website gave us a few keys so thanks for that, you can buy yours here too –

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