Bus simulator racing

We are sure that you have taken the bus to school, work or just around town at some stage of your life. Have you ever sat on the bus and watched in awe as its massive weight, size and power rumbles through the streets and thought, what if you, were the bus driver? Wouldn’t it be cool to launch it into turns and around roundabouts, heck, wouldn’t it be even cooler to race buses against another bus driver in a competitive league? Well, flash back to reality and it’s not just illegal to race a bus but downright dangerous to public safety as well. Can you imagine ten tonnes of bus coming round the corner, nearly on two wheels as it drifts sideways in a hand-brake turn with tyres smoking and screaming into the air? That would really be a crazy sight to see wouldn’t you agree?

With our new bus racing simulator, you now have access to the bus racing of your commuting dreams and you can do it all in complete safely from your mobile device. Bus racing simulator is one of those games for boys and girls of all ages, if you love racing games and find yourself exploring all the new free games that are out on car racing games and action games, then thi9s is the one you have been waiting for Bus racing simulator is one of those addicting games that keeps you coming back, race after race, to test your skills behind the wheel. With the option to request your friends to join, you can create your own leagues and events and race each other till your hearts and tyres are content. Bus simulator racing is just that, a simulation, giving you an amazing real life experience from the comfort of your lounge chair or car back seat, its real enough to make you jump, so please don’t use it when you are driving, that’s not a simulation, its real life.

Bus simulator racing game process

With loads of different courses and amazing graphics that produce realistic conditions in all weather conditions, from sun and shine to wet and wild, the bus simulator racing game for mobile will give you hours of racing fun and test your skills with every adrenaline soaked race! The cool sound effects will make you feel like you are whizzing along in a real double decker bus that careens wildly under you control. The features and controls are easy to master and all you have to do is tilt your mobile device to whichever side you wish to turn, think of your mobile device as your steering wheel and the screen of it is your windscreen. All the regular controls you would expect to find on any car, or in this case, any bus are right there at your fingertips, the brakes, the accelerator and the wheel all fit in the palm of your hand and give you total control of your bus and your racing ambitions.

The best thing about the latest free game for mobile, bus simulator racing isn’t just any racing car games that you have the option to play, why not try something totally different and drive a bus! We promise that it will be one of the best racing games you have ever had the experience to try and it gets better and better the more you play it! You and your friends will have hours of great fun playing against each other and as you progress, you can unlock special events and stages that will keep you glued to your device it is so addictive! Race for the leader board top position and stay relentless in your pursuit of the number one spot, the competition it will create between you and your friends will leave you smiling and laughing with each other as your plough your way down city streets and country lanes in your big double decker bus. For more information check out some of these great boys games.

Bus simulator racing sign in screen

Bus racing simulator is optimized for tablet gameplay as well, so whip out your tab or iPad and get into the bus drivers seat right now, with free download from the play store! What are you waiting for? The fun and glory of bus simulator racing awaits you and your friends and it is all just a tap away! Get started today with the best new, free racing game around, bus simulator racing and maybe one day your racing will be so good that you make it to the hall of fame! See you on the streets!

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