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board_fadeAre you a keen scrabble player and looking for a new challenge? Perhaps you’ve beat all your friends and now looking for a new challenge that you can all play! Enter wordgrid : The new word game without luck.  Wordgrid is a revolutionary new multiplayer game on the market which allows you to test your word skills against either players online or people you know. How does it work?  Wordgrid is a scrambled word game in which all players play with the same letters, this means it completely removes the luck factor and it becomes a game of pure skill and practice.


There are absolutely no downloads required which completely reduces the risk of downloading something you don’t want on your desktop or mobile device. The best part is every 15 minutes a new game is generated online and you’re able to jump in and compete.  The interface is so simple to use for all age groups and uses a very simple drag and drop panel which enables you to move the letters around quickly and efficiently, similar to scrabble in that word can be placed from left to right or from top to bottom. It also keeps track of your playing history so when you login you’re able to see the percentage of points accumulated over time. So why wait! Jump in today with this great new game on the market. It’s all about wordgrid! Have fun playing and good luck.

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