Team Fortress 2 Pyro is the best class to play as. There. I said it. Why is Pyro the best? Because fire. What? Is that not enough of a reason for you? Okay, then, here are

The Top 5 Reasons Why Team Fortress 2 Pyro is the Best








1. Fire

As the Pyro you will be… burning all of your enemies! Mwahaha. Seriously though, fire can be deadly in Team Fortress 2. Fire does continuous damage even after the enemy player manages to leave or Pyro is killed. Also, lighting things on fire is just plain fun.

2. Rockets Can’t Hurt the Pyro!

The air-blast gun is a very useful secondary weapon for the Pyro. As Pyro, if you are quick enough to be able to switch over to the air-blast gun then Soldier’s rockets will be no match for you. You can just air blast them away and maybe even hit the Soldier who fired the rocket as well.

3. Offense is the Best Defense

Pyro is an offensive class and like the saying goes, a good offense is the best defense. As Pyro you get to be right up front where all the action is going on. You get to rack up those kills and do some real damage.

4. Spy? Not in Pyro’s Neighborhood

Spies are no match for the Pyro’s flames. If you hit one of your teammates with the flamethrower, they are completely unaffected by it. They take no damage and everything is well in the world. If you attack an enemy with the flamethrower however, someone is going to need to stop, drop and roll quickly. This works out perfectly for Spy checking. Spy checking is when you check to see if another player is really just a disguised enemy Spy before they back-stab you. The Pyro can light enemy Spies on fire and they will still catch on fire even if they are disguised. This is very useful when protecting Engineer’s dispensers and other set-ups.

5. Ubercharged? Pyro Doesn’t Think So

Pyro is the only class that can successfully break an ubercharge and we all know how difficult it can be to escape your ubercharged enemy. Pyro can pull out the air blast gun and send that medic flying through the sky  The Medic cannot ubercharge from a long distance thus Pyro can successfully break the uber-chain linking Medic to another teammate. It is best to try to sneak up on the ubercharged pair though because an ubered heavy would be a bit of a fight to take on head on.

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