softwarePC Software gives you the ability of downloading the latest software, meant for PC only. Companies dealing with softwares provide you with the latest versions about specially selected quality for several categories on a very daily basis. It is very commonly used in our lives. One of such software’s is a stinger, which is a quick and standalone tool for detecting and removing the various threats and malware.

The stinger can be updated several times for detecting the variants of fake alerts along with other prevailing viruses. They are freely downloadable. The internet manager download is a tool for increasing the download speed up till 5 times, resume and downloads on schedule. The error recovery and capability of resume restarts the broken downloads due to lost connections, problems of network, and shutdowns of a computer or even unexpected outrages of power. The user interface is truly friendly and very easy to use. The logic accelerator of download manager features dynamic file segmentation, which simply accelerates your downloads.

It supports proxy servers, firewalls, authorization, content processing, and MP3 audio. It integrates well into Netscape, MSN Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, and Avant Browser. It has other popular browsers, which can handle the downloads. This software is free and can be downloaded.


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