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We all know that games are something that we kill the board with when we don’t feel like doing nothing, so playing a game is the best way to cure depression. There are constantly new games that are coughing our attention and the one that caught mine attention is agar.

Agar is relatively a new game and it’s been out there for less than 3 months, but the impact that this game made was huge. Recent case study showed that the game was searched more than 12million times in the last month and the prediction is that it will grow in the new month over 20 million.




There are several factors of why this game is played so many times. First of all it is a huge addiction because this game hasn’t got an ending, you can play it for several days without stopping and you still aren’t going to finish it. This game is played online with people from all around the world and the whole point is to eat each other and the more you eat the more you gain mass.

One of the things that make this game so interesting is that the skins of The skins are a layer on your cell can be your country, brand or a politician.


We they were first added on this game the ratings went skyrocket and in my opinion they made the game so much popular. The country skins that were added made a trill among the player who played this game thinking that they represent their country and competing against other countries. This was the missing component that this game needed, but the real surprise was when they added the politician skins that was cherry on the cake that made the entire game perfect in every way.

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Latest Skins on

As the days passed the game continued to grow more and more every day, so the developers started to figure out how are they going to make the game more popular that it already is, so they crated more skins. The latest skins on weren’t as much as popular as the first skins, but still they made some improvements for the players that don’t want politics. Now we have over 200 skins and it is very hard to find them all, so we suggest that you should go on to check them all out a decide which one is the most suitable for your use.

Our predictions for this game

We all know that this game is popular now in most of the countries in the world and in less than 3 months they managed to get so many players, if they continue to grow like this we expect that the game will reach over 100 million players in 6 months. As the game grows we predicted that there are going to be lots of changes in to the game and the most important thing is that there are going to be new skins for sure.

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