The Swarm Rebirth: A Minecraft Map

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The Swarm is a user created map that was made popular by The Yogscast on youtube. Well, it seems like now the map maker has created a squeal to the very popular The Swarm. The squeal minecraft map is called The Swarm Rebirth.

Having played The Swarm before, I was not expecting much from this new minecraft map. While The Swarm was not the worst minecraft map created, it left a lot to be desired. The story line was interesting but the boss fight and mob fights were just bland. Regardless, I decided to give The Swarm Rebirth a try. I am happy to say that I enjoyed The Swarm Rebirth way more than I enjoyed the first minecraft map of this series.

The story was more interesting. The story has you, the hero, going to find out why the swarm is back. Of course, you have to stop the swarm, and the people behind their rebirth, once again. One major improvement with this minecraft map is the use of redstone. It was a fantastic use of redstone. In this map you had to do quests or challenges to open doors or unlock areas. It was great and added something more to the gameplay. Simple minecraft maps are nice but if something is too easy then it becomes boring and less fun. A little challenge is a good thing and this map was way less boring than the first one. You were not just running around looking for an item but you were engaging with the map and the NPCs.

The only disappointment I had with this minecraft map was the final boss battle. I have a feeling that some redstone did not work properly for me because no mobs spawned in the final boss room. I just got hit with a ton of bats and was confused for a minute before easily taking down the “boss” and winning the game.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this map and would recommend it to minecraft players. I would suggest just skipping the first map and playing The Swarm Rebirth. There is not much to the first story so you will not miss any important information if you skip right to the second minecraft map.

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