Tally_Ho_01If you’re old enough you’ll probably remember the days where no tv and computers existed, and even very little electronics for that matter. If you wanted to speak to someone, there was no chance of picking up a mobile phone and ‘speed dialing’,  you had to either call a local place and leave a message or the good old fashioned word of mouth message. Gone are those days now and such are the advances of technology we can get most items delivered to our door at the touch of a button these days.


The same applies to games we played as kids, there were no nintendos or sega’s for that matter, it was all about getting outdoors and playing with your friends in all matters of games you could dream up. Nowadays all the games kids need are literally in front of the tv, contrary to popular belief a lot of the games on the market can actually help with life learning skills,  so as cognitive behavior, advanced movement skills and of course the most important improvement of mental ability.  Once such game that combines all of these is called Tally Ho Explorers. It’s a game built into a maze with multiple fun levels. Maze running adventures have never been so fun! With dark creatures afoot, treasures to collect, confounding mazes to escape, and an Uncle that needs saving – it’s time for the Tally Ho Explorers to spring into action!

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