Strike Force Heroes

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Strike Force heroes and Strike force heroes 2 is a shooting game. You can enjoy this game and level up at the four distinct categories to release more than 65 different and attractive weapons, several talents, as well as kill streaks, to modify your load out. You can perfectly play the battle for a completely action-packed story, voiced, or make a routine quick match to forgive few steams. Try the challenges to really put your talents to the check.


Strike Force Heroes


They have completely free a massive update which fixes more than a few bugs, also make a perfect balance at some definite levels, and also makes a few kill streaks, talents, and attractive weapons at every unlock cheaper and faster! No issue which type of levels you choose to play because you will still have to cross over hard problems that will put the whole of your skills and information at check. The game is perfectly made with completely different and special pages wherever you will make your profile. You must get completely different and imperative selections as equipment, abilities, Profile and look that can be utilizing for personalizing the troopers that will help you in the missions of your game. So enjoy this multi-talented and addictive game online.

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