Shiney Updated Minecraft!

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So, the new Minecraft update has been out for weeks now. How is everyone enjoying it so far?

Has anyone gotten a head from a mob yet? I have been busy building a jungle tree top house and collecting cocobeans. I have not gone mob hunting yet but I am looking forward to decorating my yard with some heads, mwahaha. It would be cool to have a huge mansion with a study full of mob heads too. And one Steve head too, of course. That would be the ultimate hunt. The ultimate game!

Oh, my. When did I become so morbid?

I am also excited for carrots and potatoes. Ues! Finally, more crops to grow. Bread was getting boring. I just wish it was easier to get the new crops I still have not found a village so I still cannot grow anything besides bread…. which, by the way, is kind of hard to do from on top of a jungle tree, hehe.

For me though, minecraft keeps getting better with each new update.

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