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drunkWe live in a world where entertainment and gaming are literally at the tip of our fingers; technology has evolved so much now that we’re able to play the most resource intensive games on our cell phones; never mind the quality of the graphics of games on desktops and laptops. The choice is endless, whether it’s action, racing, adventure or just plain fun there is a game out there for you!  We’ve just come across called Punch Drunk.


We all know that feeling after a hard days graft you just need to sit down and have nice refreshing drink. One problem though; the wife or girlfriend won’t let you do it! We have the perfect solution for you! Your mission, should you choose to accept it,  To drain your drink without getting caught. If the wife spots you sipping, you’ll be getting hammered… and she has a huge rolling pin to do this job! So drink carefully!

Some of the features include:

– Sharp cartoon graphics;

– Clever animations;

– Choice of beverages;

– High score;

– 10 drinking vessels;

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