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ps4The world of video games has always been at the advanced stages. What people expected has been met with open hand by all reputed companies. The name of Sony is among a few top leaders of the gaming world. Its PlayStation has grabbed a worldwide market of more than $10 billion in very short span of time. The new PlayStation 2 has been quickly replaced by its advanced version PlayStation 3. The graphics were drastically improved, bugs fixed, the console became smart enough to detect the original as well as pirated versions of DVDs.


However, the technology has advanced further to pace a new step in the world of gaming. The very new PlayStation 4 is about to enter the market with lots of advanced features. Most of the vendors have opened the pre-order ps4 facility to grab attention of buyers. The promotional efforts of Sony have raised the brand image of PS4 to such an extent that it seems to overtake the new gaming Xbox console of Microsoft as well. Although, both are being launched with amazing unique features of their own, the people are much excited about the new PlayStation 4. The pre booking of PS4 can save a significant amount by offering great promo discount.

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