If you have not heard, Pokemon Black and White 2 is out in stories now! This game is not just a repackaged, retelling of Pokemon black and White 1. No, it is a whole new adventure with a new rival and a new story. And because of that, you might have to think twice about what Starter Pokemon to choose. The Starter Pokemon are the same as the first Black and White games – Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott – but now that you have a completely new adventure to go on, you might want to consider switching things up from the start. Choose a different Pokemon than the one you picked in the first Black and White versions!


Snivy is the grass type of the three starters. He is weak against fire, flying and ice types. He has a chance of having one of two abilities: Contrary or Overgrow. Contrary is a new ability were stat changes are reversed. So, if a Snivy with this ability got attacked with a stat change move that reduced his speed, the contrary ability would reverse the move and result in Snivy getting an increase in speed. The ability Overgrow simply increases the all grass type moves.

While cool looking, and even nicknamed “smugleaf by some fans, Snivy is not the best starter to choose from. He is terrible against all of the gym leaders until the last one. He also might not be considered the best grass type Pokemon that you can catch in this game.



The fire type start is Tepig. This cute pig-like Pokemon is very weak against water types. He also has a chance of have one of wo abilities – Blaze or Thick Fat. Blaze is an ability that increases all fire moves by 1.5x if the Pokemon is below 33.33% health. It can be pretty useful if you find yourself in a heated battle! The Thick Fat ability cuts damage done by ice and fire type moves in half. Another useful ability to have.

Both of Tepig’s abilities can be useful to have. Tepig’s biggest drawback is that he is too slow. Sometimes speed can be the deciding factor between a win and a lost.




Oshawott can be considered the best Starter Pokemon to pick out of all three Pokemon. This cute sea otter Pokemon is the water type of the group. It is weak against both electricity and grass type moves. Aside from being adorable, Oshawott is a very useful Pokemon to have on your team. Like the other starters, this Pokemon has a chance of getting one of two abilities. For Oshawott his choices are Shell Armor or Torrent. Shell Armor is very useful because it protects the pokemon from getting hit with Critical Hits. However, like some other abilities in these games, this ability can only be used in the Dream World. Oshawott’s other ability is Torrent. This ability raises a Pokemon’s water type moves and allows them to do 150% damage when the Pokemon’s HP is 30% or less.

Why is Oshawott possible the best Starter Pokemon this generation? Aside from two great abilities that he has a chance of getting, Oshawott is a very good water type in general. He has good moves and a good water type is extremely useful to have on your team. In Pokemon Black and White 2, there are not a lot of good water types to catch at the beginning of the game unlike grass types.

Each Starter Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever one you choose is sure to make for a good addition for your team.

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