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gamesThe following Android apps and games are freeware that you can download in your Android apps without any registration. Here list of the best android games for your information.

  • Angry Birds Game: It is a great puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The greedy pigs have stolen the angry bird’s eggs and the birds have to retrieve them by killing the piggies. It is a delight of a game and each bird is a potent weapon with special powers.
  • 100 Floors 2.1.0:  Move up the floor after you solve each puzzle. Let us if you can ever go to the top. Great Android Game! There are 40 puzzles waiting for you to solve.
  • Tetris Classic: Much played classic game is now in android applications. Enjoy moving bricks to different lines and shapes.
  • Drag Racing :  A great drag racing game in arcade mode that has 50 plus cars that you can tune in limitless modes to create the greatest drag racing monster.
  • Tank Hero: This will remind you of your childhood. It is full of action, fast paced and in 3D. Android users will be delighted. You have cannons, howitzers and heat seekers to take down your enemies. You can become a Hero by annihilating enemies in the battle.

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