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Board games are a great way to get the whole family involved for some all round fun, they’re also a great way for kids to learn how to play games and also develop cognical skills at the same time. By doing this kids are able to learn skills such as numbers, colours and letters, all things they will learn when they go to school anyway, but it’s a good thing to get them started early. It will help develop the memory as well, a lot of games on the market these days are designed not only to be fun but also to incorporate all learning aspects for people of all ages and learning abilities.

Obviously there are games on the market which are age appropriate and others which are not, so when shopping for a specific age group then make sure the game is relevant for that group. You can do this by checking the information on the box which will show you the allowed age groups and categories, so for example whether it should be for boys or girls or Males or Females. It’s also important when shopping that you select a category of game that the recipient will be interested in. For example you don’t want to get a girls game for a boy and vica versa.

With the advent of techonology there is a surge in some great games out there, you can now choose from full interactive games in whatever niche suits you, to just basic games such as card games. We recently had the pleasure of reviewing a funding proposal for a new game that is due to come on the market. The game in question is called Tech Titan Siege battles and the founder is trying to be funded through indiegogo to get this revolutionary game to the market.


titanThis board game is a tactical board game which involves using various sized game pieces, from rather large giant figurines which are around 4” tall to the smaller forces figurines which are around 25mm in size. This game involves using strategy and tactical action, so in other words a great game to play with a group of friends.  Everything in the game is scalable, so you can create building which are stackable, which can act as barriers and can also be used to hide various weapons depots. The rules are also adaptable for various situations, so you don’t have to stick to the plain old boring board games with one rule set.  This game involves everything from kick ass skirmishes to very complex campaigns. The game can be short or can be played over longer periods of time. The best part is the game is straightforward and easy to play, with very minimal dice rolling and no need to constantly update score sheets, just straight forward good old fashioned game play.


If this is something that sounds of interest to you then pop on over here to the funding page and from as little as a $80 donation to fund the games development, you can have the full game set to play with! This is not a game that is available in the shops currently so you will be the talk of the town among your friends. Go on, check it out today and enjoy a new gaming experience!


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