512_x_512_iconWe live in a world where Technology is literally at the tip of our finger tips; in fact they reckon that it changes so quickly that developers have technology that they will only release in the next 5 years or so. That’s just mind blowing! But at the same time it’s great news for us, it means we have never before been so entertained in our lives! Technology has brought a whole new dimension to the way we view entertainment and of course it’s ever changing. Soon we’ll be looking at some of the latest virtual reality headsets to hit the market and this will change gaming as we know if forever. Before we get there though let’s have a look at how technology and gaming have merged over the years and brought us to where we are today.  We’ll then take a look at one of the latest games to hit the market called Neon 2 cars racing saga, it’s absolutely jam packed full of fun and uses the latest in design and development to bring you one of the most cutting edge games on the market at the moment.



Where did it all begin?

gamingLets look at the term ‘racing video games’ and then a little of the history later on. Essentially it falls into a Genre or subset of video games.  They are most often played in the first person but can be played in both the first and second person formats. They’re also an incredibly fun game to play with friends and family as it allows for single player, multi-player and of course competitions. So you get to kick some butt at Christmas time! This is one of the most addicting games out there!

The games on the market vary widely and they may be used or based on  based on anything from real-world racing leagues to entirely fantastical settings and the technology in these games is just getting more incredible by the day. Racing games have even been used as forms of training for high level athletes as there are  multiple benefits such as hand eye co-ordination, re-action times and much more.  In general, they can be distributed along a spectrum anywhere between hardcore simulations, and simpler arcade racing games. Racing games may also fall under the category of sports games. There earliest games came out in the 1980’s and have developed from there.




In 1973, Atari’s Space Race was a space-themed arcade game where players controlled spaceships that race against opposing ships, while avoiding comets and meteors


Namco’s overhead-view driving game Rally-X was the first game to feature background music, and allowed scrolling in multiple directions, both vertical and horizontal, and it was possible to pull the screen quickly in either direction.



Crammond’s Formula One Grand Prix in 1992 became the new champion of sim racing, until the release of Papyrus’ IndyCar Racing the following year


Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego) introduced the first free-roaming, or the former “free form”, racing game on video game consoles and handheld game consoles


2015 –

The release of Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga. As we mentioned earlier in the article 2015 saw the release of this incredible game. Single or Multi player this game will really blow you away. Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the league. Your mates may think they’re better than you at racing but now is your chance to prove it to all of them! There are so many parts of this game which are just ingenius. For instance: Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Well we thought the same as you until we played this game! You can control the pink and the blue cars racing at the same time, it’s just so much fun! The controls make it so easy and seemless and you simply tap to change your drift direction and instantly making you a driving superstar! This game is brilliant for testing your skills as ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement honing and enhancing them until you are really at the top of your game! This has been one of the games of 2015 and is set to grow even bigger in 2016!


Cutting edge design and some of the best backend coding mean that this game really is seamless to play! The screen lights up and shows the cute little neon cars are racing to collect circles, and triangles; get as many as you can in the shortest amount of time! But you must warn you! Beware of the square box. You’ll soon find you can’t go very far should you and this box decide to become acquinted! There are also many other obstacles in the various courses to catch you out so BEWARE! And of course don’t hit the obstacle or miss the circle; this is the play rule in this fun game. The idea of the game is to collect as many points as you can and this will help you gain the best score in global ranking and challenge the worldwide players. The more you play the better you’ll get and soon you’ll become a world champion!  The thrilling action of racing saga will keep you playing until the very end!


Just a few of the great benefits of this game:

– Awesome design of the Neon racing cars

– Perfect neon backgrounds;

– Collect the circles with 1 point as well as the triangles with 2 points for every;

– Latest fun as well as most exciting levels;





– It is quite simple with the touch control;

– The Tablet is perfectly optimized;

– You can check the stunning graphics, extremely colorful visual cartoon

– It has absolutely smooth animation;

– Enchanting with the orchestra along with the relaxing music;

– It offers the sharing of the Social network;

– You can get Perfectly Stay tuned for the updates; and the last but not the least

– Challenging kind of the leaderboard contests with the awesome gameplay.


So Don’t delay and download the game today!

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