Minecraft Wasteland Mod Review

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My brother recently talked me into playing a minecraft with the Wasteland Mod on it. I love this mod. The Minecraft Wasteland Mod creates an apocalyptic world were there are no oceans, water is rare, no grass and no life except for you and possibly your friends.

I love the idea behind the mod. Playing with mod actually installed is pretty fun too. You have to spent a while looking through destroyed houses for useful items like seeds and buckets of water.

I wish there were animals or flowers in the game. I know that the whole theme of the mod makes it so that all the animals are gone forever, but I would like it if there was an extremely rare chance of finding a chicken egg or two or twelve inside one of the chests. I want to create a kind of paradise area a midst the depressing, brown landscape.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this mod. I am currently building a giant wheat farm but after that goal, I’m not sure what else to do. This might be the only downfall. Usually my goals in regular minecraft are to collect one of each animal, create a huge farm and build a huge house.

What else should I do on the wasteland mod? After I complete my wasteland goal, I am going to play a normal minecraft map and create a mountain hideaway!

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