Minecraft The Yogbox Review

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The Yogbox for Minecraft has been around for a while now. The Yogbox is a collection of various minecraft mods put together by the people who run The Yogcast – Simon, Lewis and the rest of the gang. To play their modpack you need to download the Technic Launcher.  Despite having to go through the Technic Launcher, the technic mod does not seem to be a part of the Yogbox. That is probably a good thing though because the Yogbox is already full of mods.

Personally, I love the idea of the Technic Launcher. There are multiple modpacks to choose from, anyone can create a modpack and the launcher is easy to use.

Unfortunately, in order to get all of the mod packs to work the Yogbox uses an older version of minecraft. For example, there are villages but you can’t trade with the villagers. Now, the Yogbox has the millenaire mod installed so you can just interact with those villagers but it would have been nice to have the yogbox and the latest minecraft version working together. Another big disadvantage is that you cannot switch between creative and survival mode in game. Anyone who has tried to help out a millenaire village, especially the Indian villages, knows how time consuming collecting the same resources and waiting for mud bricks to dry can be. You really can’t fault anyone for wanting to cheat for a few mudbricks.

The Yogbox comes with many other mods too. There are so many generated structures – dungeons, houses, villages, towers, etc. – that you are never going to be truly alone in the world of minecraft. You can always find some kind of generated building near by. I love this about the Yogbox. In my recent game file I landed near an area with a Japanese village, a castle-dungeon, a minecraft village and three pirate ships. My goal is to take over the castle and become queen of both villages.

The Yogbox is perfect for the casual player. When you die you don’t lose your items and a lot of the dungeons are easy to clear out. So, if you are looking for a challenge, try a different modpack or find a good map to play. If you just want something easy and fun, check out the Yogbox.

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