Minecraft Monday: A Fun And Simple Home

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Welcome to Minecraft Monday. Every Monday I hope to write a post sharing some new mods, texture packs, builds or news related to minecraft that I have found. If you have built something awesome and want to see your built featured on Minecraft Monday at Games For Girlsss, you can send us an email at contact@gamesforgirlsss.com

Minecraft is my go-to-game whenever I need to just relax and unwind. I can play it for hours without ever feeling tired. My favorite thing to do in the game is to built houses, towns, and cities. I am still a newbie when it comes to building awesome, grand houses but sometimes even the simplest houses have a charm to them. I finished building something yesterday that I really liked and I did it all without cheating! It is not a huge house but I had a lot of fun playing with the design. My favorite part of the design is the roof. One half of it is slanted (made from wood stairs) while the other side is a solid wall going up to a third floor.


Now I need to start decorating! Have you built a humble minecraft house recently that you’ll like to show off? Leave a comment below!

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