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mineNobody would have ever thought that the simple graphical interface for the mathematical puzzle will become a highly popular game, that too, so quickly. The Minecraft is a simple puzzle game which is often associated with the Windows Operating Systems. The game is based upon the simple math puzzle in which player has been given a clue to find out the exact way to escape out of the given options. Earlier, versions of the Minecraft include the simple 2D game with square graphs for each location describing the clue for escape way. However, the latest Minecraft Mods have enabled players to enjoy the 3D versions as well.


The game has been distributed in more than 44 International languages all across the globe. This mind blowing game is a great time killing play during the leisure time. The modern 3D version of the game has transformed it into the action and strategy game, while its concepts are still useful for the Role Playing Games in which player plays a role in the whole story of the plot. Interestingly, these all version of the Minecraft is easily available on the internet that too free of cost. In some cases, you might have to pay a little money to buy the full version.

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