Minecraft Goes Competitive

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I just heard from a reliable source, a friend of a friend of my brother’s, that minecraft is going to have competitive matches. It seems that MLG (Major League Gaming) is going to be setting up a tournament for minecraft. A legit tournament too. One where you can make some real life money playing minecraft.

I honestly did not believe this when I heard it but now that I think about it, minecraft is the most popular game out there right now. A lot of people would probably sign-up for and watch an MLG tournament.

From what I’ve heard the game will be a 6 v 6 and in the style of capture the flag. You will have to mine a diamond then bring that diamond back to your base to win. Meanwhile the other guys from the other team try to kill you and you them. Wouldn’t this be fucking hilarious to watch?! LOLOLOL.

I could totally do this though!

Now I just need to find five people and come up with a good team name. Any ideas? >:D

By the way, I also heard that there will be no tournaments for Call of Duty any more. It seems like gamers are really not happy with the latest Call of Duty installment and to be honest I’m not surprised. I lost interest in the game after seeing more of the game-play and story. Also, I’m still upset over what they did to my man Soap McTavish!

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