minecraftWe live in a day and age where technology is ever increasant in our lives; our children are growing up playing games online where we did the opposite of playing in the outdoors. This is not necessarily a bad thing as games have proven to have some great learning benefits and the industry itself has ballooned into a  a multibillion dollar industry with games like minecraft. The developers behind this game have gone to great lengths to create an alternative reality in a game, where the point is you mine and then build various kinds of 3D blocks in your large world which has varying habitats and terrains to explore.

Do you enjoy games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and Neverwinter? Are you a fan of Minecraft? Have you ever thought of combining any of them with Minecraft?




Here’s your chance.


MassiveCraft is a Minecraft factions MMORPG, a massive game-within-a-game set in its own unique universe with its own rich lore. Players have twenty-two races available for them to play, each with its own culture, naming conventions, and fascinating backstory. Players can complete quests, assign special traits to their characters that can improve their abilities (or add realistic limitations), become merchants and get rich (with the MassiveMoney plug-in that introduces currency to MassiveCraft), join a faction, and more. The possibilities with MassiveCraft are truly endless.




Gameplay does depend upon joining a faction, to a degree, as being part of one provides some protections that playing alone does not. When you join a faction, you can build on their lands and your home will be protected from players that aren’t allied to you – a major benefit to prevent loss of items and such. Factions can declare war on one another, or choose to work together toward a common goal. Each faction can also control its own finances!




Another feature that’s really cool is the ability to rent a home or market stall in the game’s spawn city. Since MassiveCraft uses the MassiveMoney plug-in, the game does have its own currency that players can use to purchase items, services, and other things, so for a monthly fee of said currency, they can run their own market stall and have a house nearby! If you’ve always liked the idea of being a merchant that supplies adventurers with everything they need to embark on their quests, you can do that in MassiveCraft!




MassiveCraft is also meant for people that also enjoy roleplaying – if you’re not fond of the idea of pretending to be a character living in the MassiveCraft world, then this game isn’t for you. With that said, roleplaying is really fun and is a great way to flex your writing muscles. Delve into MassiveCraft’s lore pages, learn about the races, learn about the world, and maybe you’ll decide that this is the way you want to play. I can promise you that once you get involved with a decent roleplay community like this, it’ll be difficult to imagine gaming in any other way.


Never fear Creepers again


If you’re a regular Minecraft player, you understand the fear of the “tssssss” noise that Creepers produce once they’ve spotted you and are about to explode. There are two things you’re going to love about MassiveCraft: Creepers’ explosions don’t destroy your stuff, and you can take the CreeperTruce trait to prevent Creepers from attacking you unless you attack, first. Imagine being a Dwarf that’s learned to understand Creepers and their ways, who no longer has to fear them because she knows what makes them tick (literally) and has mastered the art of not making them angry.


Give MassiveCraft a try. With its unique plug-ins, engaging lore, gigantic multi-server game world, and all of the great additions, it’s bound to give you plenty to do even when Minecraft has lost its magic.

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