Minecraft 1.4.6 is Here!

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Minecraft 1.4.6 is the latest update for the world of minecraft.  A ton of bugs were fixed and a few new things were added. Minecraft.net has a longer log of everything that took place in the update.

Enchanting has gotten a lot of attention in this update as well. So, if you love the enchanting aspect of minecraft, you will have some new and improved things to play around with. The newest enchanting item is the enchanted book which can be found in villages and dungeons. I personally do not use the various enchanting features of the game that much. I prefer to build things.

Speaking of building things, I am working on a huge world right now. I already have about five towns and one city set up. I’m just going to keep building until I’m tired of building. I want to make a story to go along with the map too but I also plan to keep the world open ended with a bunch of side quests and dungeons. Any ideas for a story? And…. I think I went completely off topic now. That’s what I have been working on though and that is why I have not updated as much as I had planned to.

One seemingly nice thing in the minecraft 1.4.6 update for map makers though is the mob spawners. It seems like now you can “spawn differently configured mobs with different spawn chances”. Whatever that means.

But my favorite things to be added to minecraft 1.4.6 is the fireworks. Don’t they look beautiful? I can see this being used for server events.

minecraft 1.4.6

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