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lego1LEGO introduced the superheroes theme to play sets especially under January of the year 2012. However, Superhero LEGO Worlds videos featured the characters from DC Universe, Marvel comics as well as other famous top grossing and the superhero films of latest years. LEGO DC Universe may also be broken in two particular categories. Moreover, there are the play sets that are based on DC comic’s characters as well as the storylines and also there are various play sets that are even based on DC film franchises like Dark Knight Rises as well as upcoming film of Man of Steel. LEGO Marvel Superheroes basically are based on comics as well as on the films, but there also play sets that are completely based on Marvel comics that are related with TV shows such as X-men as well as Spiderman



Moreover, LEGO has usually been a famous toy for kids of different ages. Interlocking plastic bricks may also get assembled in different ways for creating the buildings, vehicles as well as also functional robots. However, pieces may also then be disassembled & can be put back to complete uncountable other creations. Endless possibilities of the regular and common LEGO set is further enhanced with introduction of the theme of LEGO sets to assist the players to imagine famous characters.

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