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Recently I became addicted to playing K-pop Idol on facebook. K-pop Idol is a facebook act that puts you in charge of a fictitious Korean Pop Music Company. Your goal is to create multiple kpop idol groups, make your performers stars and make your company the best.

The game is very simple and does not have much content to it. I think the most popular feature of the game is being able to dress up the kpop idols. The game has a very good selection of clothing that can be combined and mixed to create tons of fun fashions. And you don’t even have to pay real money for the items! You can earn all of the items through in game money. Of course, it will take much longer to earn money through the game but that is part of the game.

Kpop Idol does have one major drawback for me. Throughout the game you have to train your idols from newbies to world wide, famous stars. As you progress through the game, each training session takes longer and longer to complete. It get boring if the only game play happening is clicking a button and waiting for half of the day before you can click another button and wait some more. If you forget to log into the game within a certain amount of time after the training action is complete then you lose any skills or level ups you would have gained and have to redo the training exercise. The waiting is a little annoying, but it is a facebook game and as a facebook game it can be pretty entertaining.

This is still a fun game for all of the kpop lovers out there. Kpop fans will enjoy getting a feel of managing a kpop group and watching their trainees grow into huge stars. I had a lot of fun playing the game and it was a great help in getting me through some boring university lectures.

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