Just Dance 4! A Review

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There are so many great games coming out in November this year. Gaming is an expensive hobby! Well, I did pick up Just Dance 4 for the Wii recently. Yes, I like to shake my booty to trashy pop songs.

It is really not a bad game though. It is actually very fun!

Not only is it a good game but it gets your body moving too. Even if you are not overweight, you probably spend a lot of time sitting down most of the time in front of the computer. That’s not very good for your body. Just Dance 4 can get your butt up and moving around in a fun way. It also, for the most part, will force you to interact with family and friends because the game is just better when you are playing with others. My younger niece loves this game. We always laugh and have a good time playing the Just Dance games. Well, she always laughs. I’m not a bad dancer….. really!

….Okay, so maybe I am a bad dancer. That does not matter though! One thing that I love about Just Dance 4 is that you can finally choose the dancer you want to play as in duets and dance crews. This is a small thing, I know, but I really like this new improvement.

Back to exercising and losing weight for a minute, the sweat mode in this fourth installation is fantastic. Not only are there some great intense songs to dance and workout to, but in sweat mode the game picks the next song based on how well you are doing. There is also a warm-up and cool-down song at the beginning and end of the exercise regime before the insane intensity begins. Mwahaha. Just Dace 4 has also included a calories burned option so you can see how much you are working out. That number can be pretty motivating sometimes. These are all fantastic elements to Sweat Mode.

One thing that I am very excited about Just Dance 4 is the music set list. I am going to master Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass! There are so many great songs in this game. Just check out the Just Dance 4 Amazon page!

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