probHere are the new videos games that you cannot miss this 2017!

Did you know that in the video game world, there is even knowledge of video games that are going to come out in 2019? You must think I am crazy for saying this when 2019 is two years apart from now! But, that is how the video game world works. It is always ahead of time!

Now, I know that now you are getting really curious of what these new video games are right? Well, will have to wait a bit for this but, at least I can tell you about the ones that came out this year!. By the way, that does not mean that you have to turn away from classic video games plays and hacks so you can still focus on getting that runescape gold!

The church in the darkness

Even the name of this game freaks me out honestly. Before I start talking about this game, I want to make sure you know that this game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

What is this whole game about? A guy that goes into a town that is dominated by religion that is almost cult like and on top of that, the reason for going into this town is that he has to rescue a family member! This game has many different endings based on how you proceed in this game. So, you can only imagine the intriguing, endless fun!

Days gone!

This game seems like it is played by real people since its graphics are so freaking awesome!

You have to resort to using your strategic thinking and the tools that you find along the way

Now, if you are really into zombie games that have that walking dead vibe, then this game was definitely made thinking of you! You have to resort to using your strategic thinking and the tools that you find along the way so that you can use them to your advantage.

Hidden folks

Remember those days when we would get those gigantic books where there were really elaborate drawings in which there was a bunch of people and we had to find a character among that people called Wally? This game is basically an update of that game!

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