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Gaming has been around for many centuries, in many many various forms, right back in the middle ages they invited games that we still play in some form today. Many sports games around the world have been around for centuries and have involved into various different forms in todays world. Every form of gaming has seen some form of evolution and this applies to tech related gaming as well, when I say tech related gaming I’m reffering to gaming such as console gaming, played on handheld consoles such as psp, nintento just to mention a few. There are other forms of tech gaming such as online gaming and desktop gaming. Online gaming has evolved over the years from standard low graphics desktop gaming, to the multi player, multi platform online games that exsist today.  It’s a shame then that in this day and age, online or other forms of Tech gaming still have a stigma attached to them, for example many people believe that games are addicitive, and the typical stereotype is of a lazy gamer who spends all day on the couch and never gets outdoors. Although this may be true of some, it’s good to remember, that not everyone is the same and contrary to popular belief gaming, in it’s various forms can actually increase various skill sets we need to learn in life. There are a variety of games available now which range from aged rated games such as Battlefield 3 or other titles which are family rated such as the much loved classic of Ages of Empires. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can find various forms of stimulation and learning in online games. There are other multiple benefits of gaming such as :


· Staying connected

Although whoever is playing the game is indoors and not interacting face to face with friends and family, there is still a huge social side to gaming. With gaming now moving solely online, and the use of aides such as headsets for gaming, it’s because more of a social atmosphere and you as a gamer are able to play in game mode hooked up with a friend or even larger groups of friends.


· Get Smarter

As you progress in your gaming career, you’ll develop certain motor skills and brain functions that enable you to re-act to the game quicker and smarter over time. Various games even have elements where you’re able to show off other skills such as creativity, logical skills and many others to name a few.


game1What should I game?

What you want to play depends entirely on you and what you enjoy. Perhaps you may want to play a quick shoot em up, such as Assasins Creed or perhaps you like more in depth social gaming platforms such as Steam and battlenet, where you’re able to play with a large group of friends over a long period of time.   The game all depends really on you, we would advise spending sometime researching online gaming and making an informed decision. If you’re looking for cheap games for your online gaming experience then make sure you check out gamekex they have a HUGE selection of games at ROCK BOTTOM prices.




Watch this video to learn more about the online gaming world.


game1Where should I buy my games?

The best online stockist we’re come across so far, is hands down gamekex  they offer a huge amount of games at absolutely crazy prices. You can view all their games selection here . The buying process is very simple and straightforward, you’re able to add your games to an online cart and then continue shopping until you feel your cart is fully stocked and you’re ready to check out. At check out, the process is again very straightforward and they have a large list of accepted payments including all major credit cards and online payment processors as well as other smaller online local payment processors, which should make getting these games easy and available for everyone around the world. They have a good refund policy and full shipping is included. They also have a huge range of cd keys available for all games.


IF you’re looking for some more details on gamekex why not pop on over to their facebook page or drop them a tweet. We’re sure they’ll be happy to hear from you and will be happy to help with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Watch this great movie for the state of online gaming




Good luck with your gaming experience, wether you’re a professional or beginner, remember the point is to have fun! Go and Enjoy!


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