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It’s that time of the year: FIFA is back! With this guide we want you to give you a head start in the FIFA 16 online, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode, or FUT as the experts call it.


fifa2When FIFA Ultimate Team starts for the first time, you must immediately choose a name for your team. Then you get presented with a random selection. The players are shown with bronze, silver and gold cards. Learn as soon as possible to know the skills of your gold players, as the best FIFA Ultimate Team beginning strategy is to build a team around you toppers.


FUT ranks so players in gold, silver and bronze. Players with a 0-64 ranking are bronze, silver and 65-74 to get the top players with 75-99 win gold. These three classes make it easy to distribute your team and find your star players. With all the transactions that look come FUT, it is useful to see at a glance the value of a player. However, keep in mind that when you buy a pack of a specific color, you get only players in these rankings. Save as much as possible so your coins to buy better packs.


The usefulness of chemistry (chemistry)


One of the key factors in FIFA Ultimate Team team spirit (team chemistry). You see colored lines drawn between your players. These are red, green or yellow and give the chemistry between the individual players again. Players with the most chemistry to get a green line. Football players with fewer chemicals, but have the same attributes yellow. And red means little to no chemistry.


Chemistry is determined by the players’ nationality, the league they play and their club. A lack of chemistry leads to miscommunication and defensive blunders.


To save time, you do not need all your setup to change, but you can just the “Draft selections’ to instantly discover how a given player affects the chemistry of your team.


Read our guide with FIFA 16 FUT Chemistry tips.


Coins and earn coins


Fifa 16 coin generator generates unlimited fifa 16 coins widely known as FUT coins to your account


Items come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from coaches to the ball you’re playing. FIFA 16 automatically detects what aspect of your team is in need of improvement and suggests on this basis what items you need to activate. As a beginner, it is extremely useful information.


But, let’s face it: you obviously need coins. FIFA 16 The basic equipment is just not enough in online matches. To earn coins you matches, winning tournaments and drafts. Most players only earn in the single player mode of Ultimate Team coins and then use that to bring their team to a good level.


FIFA Points


However, if you do not feel or patience to grind coins, you can just bring out your credit card and buy FIFA Points. Various sums of real money to buy silver or gold packs, or you take part in tournaments FUT. Consider FIFA Points as an easy shortcut to a good team, but one that will cost you some money.


FIFA 16 FUT singleplayer coins


In single player mode of FIFA Ultimate Team 16 have five options to make coints:


Season for one player (Single Player Season): play a season with 10 matches. Earn extra coins with match bonuses.

One player tournament (Single Player Tournament): play a tournament of four groups and 16 teams. Coins and FIFA Points are rewarded according to your performance.

Draft Single Player (Single Player Draft): choose the best option from a selection of five players for each position on the field. When your team is ready, you have to achieve four consecutive victories to win the top prize.

Team of the week (Team of the Week): Beat the Team of the Week in the single menu for more coins and items.

Tasks Manager (Manager Tasks) in My Club (My Club): Complete these tasks to collect some additional assets.

When you have enough time and effort you have put into the Ultimate Team single player mode, it’s time to compete online against the big boys. Make sure you have a team where the chemistry is good and the players together their skills well. Ultimately, all the grinding for coins in the tournament and the season on a team with star players from the same country or club, positioned in exactly the right place. Then you can compete for the biggest prizes for your Ultimate Team. But your work will have to plug in. There is no shortcut to ultimate glory.


Use Draft selections (Concept Teams) in the Selections (Squads) tab to brainstorm in advance about the future of your team. Here you can explore how your dream team looks or invent an unstoppable combination. Planning is still needed.



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