syndicateFidget spinners have become an increasingly popular toy for children and adults aged 8 and older.  The toy is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is made of a ball bearing enclosed in a body of metal or plastic that the user can spin between their fingers and keep them from other distractions or fidgeting.


Kids and adults everywhere have sparked interest in owning the tiny toy, leading many companies to create their own fidget spinners that appeal to children and returning customers. These spinners include the Stainless Steel Tri Spinner from CheapFidgets, the Pure Copper Ceramic Bearing Eagle Hand Spinner by Woocon, and the Crusaderr Antique Alloy Fingertip Gyro by Rnging.


Companies have gone on to create solid gold spinners, glow in the dark spinners, and more.


For more information on the fidget spinner toys and where to purchase some of the best ones on the market today

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