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Fantasy football is a game played and enjoyed by millions around the world. At the beginning it can seem like a daunting task with so many rules and regulations and possibly may even put you off the game. Don’t let it though! Once you get the hang of fantasy football then you will find it becomes and increasingly addictive game, which can be played with family and friends alike and once you become pro you can even start to make some money off it. So lets start with some NFL  fantasy football advice to get you playing along the right track.

Here are a few tips!


nfl fantasy footballCheat sheet! – This will be your data collected on all players available for the season included drafted and undrafted players.


Injuries – Always keep a track of injuries of players as this could have a serious affect on your performance.



Mock Drafts – Mock Drafts are the best way to prepare for fantasy football in 2013, and probably every other year as long as there are programmers to give us the drafting programs


Research! – There is no substitute for good research. Spend your time researching every possible aspect of your teams and players.


Good luck guys and girls we hope you win!

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