Facts about Feather Golf Game Balls

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golfThe wonderful golf game basically originated from the mesmerizing shores of Scotland. In the earlier days this game was played by royal family members with ancient accessories and in a very absurd manner. As time passed this game revolved to a much refined and sophisticated leisure sport that gained huge popularity all around the world. Golf is one of the most exciting games that has its roots in ancient history. When this game was originated in the balls and clubs were manufactured with wood. As the days passed, golf saw new changes with hi tech equipments and smooth and large golf courses.

So, now let me tell you about the ancient Feather golf balls that came after the wooden balls. You can find this ancient collection and purchase it for your home decoration.

Feather golf balls were the most popular accessory that was used for playing this game. The golf balls were used all through the 15th and 16th century and they were still very popular till 1850. Before the development of these balls, wool or hair filled with leather was used as golf balls but they were not very sturdy when it came to playing this game. Later it was found out that found out that balls filled with feathers produced long lasting balls.

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