Over many years there is an increase international demand for the online multi-player games. The growth is fueled by booming skill of the games sector that has progressed from niche market few years back, to the mainstream player these days. The online jigsaw puzzles multiplayer game is mostly played by young people playing ‘hardcore’ console kind of games. Even though this market exist and this is also the massive one, where sector of skill games has actually flourished over current years and also appeals much wider demographic.

The Skill games and the addictive online games are games based on browser which are played in the format of tournament.

Unlike the complex and console games, the skill games may even last for just few minutes at time and can also have just few very easy rules to learn prior to playing the game. For these specific reasons, the skill games may be well enjoyed at the time of break at the work or even any time when you have very less minutes in spare. In actual fact, 80% of the people who played the addictive online games at the time of workday felt to be better focused as the result of episodic mental break.

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