Five-O Poker is a great game application which is becoming addictive as more and more card shapers are joining in the fun. Well it is a straightforward game that you can download from Apps store and play it in your mobile. Though it does not possess any path breaking element it consist of a fun formula that would appeal to all poker lovers and make it a different card game compare to many which share the platform.  Popularity of the game can be gauged by the fact that it commands more than 22,000 active players monthly and above 4000 daily activists and has clocked 65,000 likes on Facebook.

howto1Head on Head up Battle

The rules are simple in Five-O Poker; you engage your wits with your opponent in a head up poker game and each player is to supervise five hands and the dealer serve 5 cards to each hand. A player needs to build the best poker hand as the dealer take turn in dealing the cards. The usual rules such as flush, full house, pair etc is applicable. Contrary to other poker games available on the gaming platforms this one allows you to bet only once. You are allowed to view your opponents card, while 4 cards dealt face up the fifth card is served face down so will be the final card. Another strategy added to this poker game is that players will be able to see the next cards that are on top of the deck always.







fiveoHelp for first timers

For a first time player can get intimated considerably but the developers keeping this aspect in mind have integrated a walkthrough in the game to guide players step by step into the game. You can clarify questions if any left after this in a well thought out FAQ. Once you get through one or two hands you will become a virtuoso poker player!  This game is a fusion of solitaire, five card stud and five card draw presented in a straightforward manner so it should not be a problem for you if you have set your eyes on any of the above. However veterans will relish it because it is fast paced. If you don’t play before the time ticks down your turn then you are liable for forfeiting the game. You can let the dealer auto play for you instead.



Nothing Flashy About it :  But Effective

five2Five-O Poker is a simple structured game without frilly visuals. However the game makes it up with other features such as stats, convenience and social features that you can have on your finger tips. The built in chat feature also allow you to view the opponent’s statistics and game play history you encounter on Facebook. In terms of sound effects not much is added here except for a few but the modest approach to enhancements does not in any way take away the charm from the game. It is a plain one dimensional game offering a single mode play. You are also offered chips each day when you hop in to the game however you can also buy more chips with Facebook credits.  It is easy to get started with the game and the betting options are smartly designed. The game is not an edge of the seat thriller but a great fun for shorter and longer sessions of play.


For more information on how to play the game check out this great youtube video.


Easy to use Features

Though it is a straightforward poker game governed with the traditional rules it has the fresh idea of a player overseeing five hands at a time in a challenge. There is no waiting for other players to join in you simply jump in and get on with it. You can progress in the game and experience different levels and also there is a weekly global contest which you can take part in.

Special offers

There are special offers to be had from Five-O Poker and you can avail it from the Facebook fan page. By rating the game you can gain 10,000 chips in addition to what you get every day. To avail this you need to visit the Facebook sites of Five-O poker and by clicking the links ‘share’ and ‘like’ after rating the game. Now you don’t need to collect the bonus chips because they will be automatically added to your account if you click the bonus link along ‘with’ share and ‘like’. Another special offer that is on the way is a cool mobile application for Android users which is being readied. It will see the light in a few weeks.

Download Five-O Poker from Apps store and Facebook and have straightforward poker fun!


~So now you’ve learnt about the Five-O Poker why not download the iphone  app here or the Ipad app here

You can also pop on over to the Five-O poker Facebook page.

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