Game of Thrones Ascent Review

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Have you ever imagined yourself as part of the Game of Thrones world? Ever wonder would it would be like to be a Lord or Lady and interact with your favorite characters? Well, now you can get a little taste of that feeling with the facebook game Game of Thrones Ascent. For a facebook game, Game of Thrones Ascent is nothing like farmville. The graphics are not cartoon-like and the game play is centered around the Game of Throne story. You start off as a Lord or […]

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Why Pyro is the Best Class

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Team Fortress 2 Pyro is the best class to play as. There. I said it. Why is Pyro the best? Because fire. What? Is that not enough of a reason for you? Okay, then, here are The Top 5 Reasons Why Team Fortress 2 Pyro is the Best             1. Fire As the Pyro you will be… burning all of your enemies! Mwahaha. Seriously though, fire can be deadly in Team Fortress 2. Fire does continuous damage even after the enemy player manages […]

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Minecraft The Yogbox Review

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The Yogbox for Minecraft has been around for a while now. The Yogbox is a collection of various minecraft mods put together by the people who run The Yogcast – Simon, Lewis and the rest of the gang. To play their modpack you need to download the Technic Launcher.  Despite having to go through the Technic Launcher, the technic mod does not seem to be a part of the Yogbox. That is probably a good thing though because the Yogbox is already full of mods. Personally, I […]

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Minecraft Wasteland Mod Review

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My brother recently talked me into playing a minecraft with the Wasteland Mod on it. I love this mod. The Minecraft Wasteland Mod creates an apocalyptic world were there are no oceans, water is rare, no grass and no life except for you and possibly your friends. I love the idea behind the mod. Playing with mod actually installed is pretty fun too. You have to spent a while looking through destroyed houses for useful items like seeds and buckets of water. I wish there were animals […]

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Minecraft Goes Competitive

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I just heard from a reliable source, a friend of a friend of my brother’s, that minecraft is going to have competitive matches. It seems that MLG (Major League Gaming) is going to be setting up a tournament for minecraft. A legit tournament too. One where you can make some real life money playing minecraft. I honestly did not believe this when I heard it but now that I think about it, minecraft is the most popular game out there right now. A lot of people would probably sign-up […]

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