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games1Purchasing the best ping pong table doesn’t require a lot of precautions, you can easily get one online or, from a store based on reviews, the cost and durability.

Some of best ping pong tables are;

JOOLA Inside 15mm

JOOLA is a company popular for producing ping pong tables of high quality. This ping pong table weighs about 137 pounds which means, it is easily movable. With 1.5inch solid steel legs, it’s support is strong and a powder undercarriage to prevent rusting. It is affordable and can be easily assembled.


Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway

This ping pong table comes with a five year warranty and can be easily assembled. It can be folded in the centre which makes it easy to move as it weighs over 300 pounds.


STIGA advantage

If you’re looking for a ping pong table at a medium range price then this is perfect. This table can be easily assembled, it has portable folding technology and it is easily affordable. It comes with a heavy duty 72 inch net and top quality post.

These are the best ping pong tables. They are easily available to the public via the internet or a store.

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