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If you wish to become a game tester then it is important to know that it is all about to start your career to test the video gaming. You must be thinking, that from where you can find these kind of video testing job? How to get the training for this course? Also what are the pros and cons in this kind of career? Let me tell you that you should not look in classified ads as there is a high possibility that you will never find anything over here.


The place where you may start is also looking to be quite obvious: web sites of the game developers! Visit the sites quite frequently and check for any kind of posting about the jobs of video game tester. The main developers such as Microsoft as well as EA are regularly making the games, and so they will be possibly more to post any kind of job opening for video game tester. There are many benefits of this as a carrier such as you may play the games and have fun; you can earn money from your home and the best part is that you will get money for playing games.



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