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agentsAny game play would need you to understand and workout your strategies well to become successful and the league of legends games are no different. If you are an agent of the league then you would like to become beat other players online and become a champion of the league. This would require the accurate understanding of the game, the items you need to apply in the beginning and in and the summoner spells among other things. Keeping update with the game’s news is another way of becoming one upon others and you can do it by following the relevant LOL website.

Many changes have been inducted in the game and it is important for you to know them if you want to be better than others. The game authors have posted a new video on the YouTube depicting the changes and this is your chance to know the changes. Since the preseason is almost here the game has been added with brand new additions and you would be better off by knowing the information firsthand by visiting the website.  Your dedication to the league will be only fructified if you become a champion and you can start by collecting information on the new changes.

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