Adventure Time Season 5!

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The new season of Adventure Time starts soon! Season 5 episodes will start airing on cartoon network on November 12th this year.

Season 5 is starting things off with an episode called “Finn the Human.” In this episode Finn and Jake chase the Lich and end up following him through a dimensional portal. There they learn that the Lich had made a wish for the destruction of all life. In return, Finn wishes that the Lich never existed. The thing that is really interesting about this episode though is the animation style. Finn looks more, well, human! and Jake looks like a dog! Well, more like a dog than usual. What is going on here?!

It has also been confirmed that there will be another episode of Fionna and Cake. Awesome! Fionna and Cake have been fan favorites ever since the special aired. Many fans have been calling on the return of the duo and for the Adventure Time team to make more episodes featuring this kick-ass girl adventurer and her kitty sidekick. It seems that fans are getting their wish now as it has been confirmed that there will be at least one Adventure Time episode of Fionna and Cake. Marshall Lee will make an appearance in the Fionna and Cake episode as well.

During the recent episode of The Ice King and Marceline we learned some back story about The Ice King. he is actually a very well developed character with a tragic back story. So, Marceline and The Ice King knew each other before The Ice King went mad from his crown. What about The Ice Queen then? It would be awesome to learn what the story behind The Ice Queen and to see if it is the reverse of The Ice King’s. Is the Ice Queen Betty? It would make sense seeing how Fionna and Cake is a parallel to Finn and Jake. This is probably just wishful thinking from a fan though. 

Judging by the preview, Tree Trunks is also going to make another appearance this upcoming season. We’ve been missing Tree Trunks recently so it will be great to see her again! She really adds a lot of fun, sweetness and cuteness to Adventure Time.

One more huge thing that is happening this reason is that Rainicorn has her babies! The long awaited Jake and Rainicorn babies are finally here! It seems like forever since we learned that Jake and Rainicorn got to tier 15 and Rainicorn became pregnant. I still have no idea what Jake and Rainicorn’s babies are going to look like but I’m sure they will be a mixture of weird and adorable.

Just ten more days before the new episodes of Adventure Time start showing. So close! I cannot wait for this new season. It is going to be full of awesome and exciting moments. Just check out the previews below if you don’t believe me!

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