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Minecraft Goes Competitive

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We live in world where gaming no longer means having to play boring board games with family and friends at events; gone are the days when all are options with our friends where card games and other boring mass produced games. We now live in a world where PC and online gaming is now considered an international sport which packs out stadiums with prizes in the millions of dollars manned by teams which often train for more than 12hrs a day on average.  This of […]

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Strap in and get comfortable! The Starfinder Roleplaying Game will transform you into a daring, science-fantasy explorer who delves into a bizarre and magical universe as a member of a starship crew. Are you interested in delving into alien temple ruins in search of lost artifacts? Are you interested in picking up your laser riffle and strapping on a rune-enhanced armor to go to battle against the undead in their bone ships or fight for colonist against a swarm of insatiable monsters? Who knows, you […]

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There is a new game that has just hit the play store, fun, easy to play and creative. It is Road Draw – Hill Climb Race! It sounds so common right, like every other racing game? but I assure you it is not. It is a simple android game where you draw roads for the travelling car on your smartphone’s screen, avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards. Sounds cool right? Or still sceptical? Don’t worry, I’m going to list five reasons why Road Draw is awesome […]

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The Walking Dead is undoubtedly one of the most popular tv shows of recent times. Now as if having an amazing TV show isn’t enough, Aristocrats (leading slot machines manufacturers) have provided a slot machine game fashioned after the tv show which would enable players compete for survival both against each other and against zombies. You can sign up to play Walking Dead Slots at Online Casinos, get sign up bonuses and begin what would most likely be the most engaging gambling experience of your […]

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Since making their biggest impact in homes around 2013, drones have been used for everything from photography to fishing.   Drone racing has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially among younger users. If you’re looking to start racing drones yourself but aren’t sure how to get started, let help you.   On, you can learn about nine of the best racing drones on the market. The reviews include how long the battery lasts, the speed of the drone, how heavy […]

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Purchasing the best ping pong table doesn’t require a lot of precautions, you can easily get one online or, from a store based on reviews, the cost and durability. Some of best ping pong tables are; JOOLA Inside 15mm JOOLA is a company popular for producing ping pong tables of high quality. This ping pong table weighs about 137 pounds which means, it is easily movable. With 1.5inch solid steel legs, it’s support is strong and a powder undercarriage to prevent rusting. It is affordable […]

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